Settlers Rails and Trails

In 1991, the privately owned Argyle Prairie Museum began in the lower level of the historic Brant-Argyle School. Over the next 18 years, it grew to include several buildings and over 1,000 artifacts.

In 2009, the museum was gifted to the community of Argyle and a board of directors was struck to administer and guide it. As a community-run, volunteer-based non-profit organization, it gained charitable status from Canada Revenue Agency in 2013. 

For over 30 years, there has been a museum in Argyle; that collects, exhibits, researches, and preserves our shared heritage. With the 2019 acquisition of land, the museum is now able to grow and flourish!

The museum's exhibition space is located in the lower level of the Argyle Community Centre.
(Highway 322 in Argyle, MB)