By Law Enforcement

The Rockwood-Woodlands By-Law Enforcement & Animal Control Board enforces a number of by-laws dealing with, but not limited to Fire Prevention, Nuisance Noise, Restricted Truck Routes, and Parking By-Laws. Some of the provisions of these by-laws include:
  • Only camp/cooking fires are allowed in the town-sites, these are fires that burn clean burning materials such as wood or camp fuel.
  • All burning should be done in a manner that is not detrimental to the health/safety of surrounding residents.
  • Many residential noises are either prohibited or restricted from creating a nuisance noise to surrounding residents.
  • Pets are not allowed to create a nuisance noise.
  • Winfield Rd (between Hwy 7 & 236) is a restricted truck route.
  • John St. in Gunton is a restricted truck route.
  • Road 8E between 93N & 94N near Teulon is a restricted truck route.
Note: These are only outlines of some of the provisions of the by-laws. Further regulations are stipulated in each of the by-laws and must be adhered to by the public. You are always welcome to contact our Enforcement Officer for further information or interpretation of a particular by-law. All by-laws are available for viewing at the Municipal offices in Stonewall or Woodlands.

Other enforcement issues may involve unsightly properties, derelict vehicles, and the illegal dumping of garbage. The Rockwood-Woodlands By-Law Enforcement & Animal Control Board also works closely with the RCMP, the Interlake Regional Health Authority and Manitoba Conservation. These ties have allowed us improve the services the municipality is able to provide for its residents.

By-Law Enforcement & Animal Control Officer
Justin Sowa