The Rockwood-Woodlands By-Law Enforcement & Animal Control Board was conceived early in 2002. The concept was to operate a cost shared program between the two municipalities of Rockwood and Woodlands. There were many benefits to adopting such a program. These would include lower overhead costs, the ability to have a full time employee and increased community health & safety. Some of the main objectives of the program are to improve community health & safety, resolve by-law related offences and to educate the public of by-laws in place in our municipalities. The benefits of this program justified having one full time Enforcement Officer instead of a contracted individual for each municipality.

In June of 2002, the Rockwood-Woodlands By-Law Enforcement & Animal Control Board hired their first full time employee and the program was launched into action. Routine patrols of the two municipalities, animal control and public education/improved awareness of municipal by-laws were some of the focal points.

Today the program is strong and effective. Other municipalities have expressed interest in this program for their areas. The Rockwood-Woodlands By-Law Enforcement & Animal Control Board continues to be an innovative concept, allowing communities to benefit at a fraction of the cost. The future may hold more opportunities for this type of program, as community safety is a major concern for local residents.